Basic Life Support (For All Staff)

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Allied Health Professional;NMAHP Support Worker;Nurse;Midwife


For staff who have clinical contact with adults, including registered nurses working in areas where the client group are less likely to present with acute illness.

A one hour practical session to consolidate knowledge and skills in adult basic life support, choking management, use of airway equipment and use of Automated External Defibrillators.  Only staff who have complete the on-line theoretical module on Adult Basic Life Support on LearnPro should attend. 

Candidates will be allocated places on a first come first served basis and will be advised of the details of their course booking prior to the couse date.

All delegates must bring their LearnPro certificate, to show that they have passed the theoretical module, with them on the day of their practical courseFailure to do so could result in you being turned away from the course.


Practice Development Centre


1 hour


AM Sessions     

Hairmyres  Monklands  Wishaw
24th February 23rd February 6th February
12th March 2nd March 13th February
8th April 16th April 19th February
6th May 13th May 27th February
17th June 8th June 5th March
5th August 3rd August 6th March
7th September 24th September 13th March
7th October 15th October 20th March
4th November 12th November 27th March
14th December 2nd December 8th April
10th April
17th April
1st May
12th May
15th May
4th June
5th June
12th June
19th June
26th June
13th August
14th September
26th October
2nd November
1st December

 PM Sessions

Hairmyres  Monklands  Wishaw
24th February 23rd February 19th February
12th March 2nd March 5th March
8th April 16th April 8th April
6th May 13th May 12th May
17th June 8th June 4th June
5th august 3rd August 13th August
7th September 24th September 14th September
7th October 15th October 26th October
4th November 12th November 2nd November
14th December 2nd December 1st December

 NB: Courses starting in April 2015 will be available for staff to book via Learnpro from 16th February 2015 onwards.

Bookings Contact:

Natalie WrightPD Admin Practice Development Centre NHS Lanarkshire Offices 14 Beckford Street Hamilton ML3 0TA Tel: 01698 201414

Course Contact:

Penny BrankinPractice Development Practitioner - Resuscitation & Clinical Skills Clinical Skills Room Ronald Miller Centre Level 0 Wishaw General Hospital 50 Netherton Street Tel: 01698 366696